ichte.com has been doing software development activities since 1998. Our software development adventure, which we started with C and C++ languages, continued by assimilating technologies that were renewed over time. Languages such as C#, Java, NodeJS, JS and related unrelated databases, all container systems of cloud structures, frontend technologies such as React, Angular, Nuxt have also been included in our experience that continues to develop and expand.

Ichte has written hundreds of modern applications for various industries. Since 2005, it has focused especially on web technologies and has produced numerous end-to-end solutions in this field. It currently has a large number of ongoing projects for different sectors within its own body.
There are existing infrastructure systems in the following sectors.
E-Commerce, Banking, Insurance, ERP, CRM, B2B, B2C, Crypto, Automotive, Digitalization, GSM, Food, Artificial Intelligence, Stock Exchange, Clothing, Cyber security, Tourism, Technology Consulting.

Ichte is not an ordinary institution, but a small group of experienced professionals. The location works independently. Ichte has developed and continues to develop different competitive projects in different parts of the world, which are low-cost, permanent and adaptable to innovation.


We deal with the aspects of professional IT Services