ichte, does not only produce a software company or even just one software product. Reveal the best possible software. As soon as possible and thinks all the details for you. It pays attention to all the parameters, from the notes taken to the interviews, to the market analysis. We produce a generic product, not a fixed product.

We divide the project designs into 3 main phases in general. In the first phase, we determine the analysis, planning, financing and needs. In the second phase, we head towards the architecture and functionality of the product to meet the business needs completely. In the last stage, we evolve into processes such as separating the product from its competitors in the market and reporting to marketing and management.

For all of these functionalities, the confusion in the world market is the predictable simplicity and transparency that comes from our experience. Since all of the business processes that all software companies have nurtured and experienced for years are very active and fast; You don't have to worry about the delivery of your software. Get in touch with us to see that we are unimaginably real.